Village Dental Centre Brighton – The Home of *Pain Free Dentistry
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Village Dental Centre Brighton – The Home of *Pain Free Dentistry
Call 01273885522 (24/7)

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Sedation Dentist Brighton
For Nervous Dental Patients

Stress free, worry free, judgement free dentistry

Why travel 1000’s of miles to see a dentist?

The answer was because the thought of going to the dentist was terrifying, that was until they heard about the Pain Free Dentistry offered by No Pain Nigel and No Pain Shane, here at the Village Dental Centre, Brighton. Click on the video below to here what this patient had to say.

“I Hadn’t Been To See A Dentist For Over 25 Years”

We completely understand that dental phobia is something that effects many people. Many people are apprehensive of the dental treatment, whilst others can’t stand the thought of injections in the mouth, or the sound of the drill.

We even know of people that will cross the road rather than walk past a dental practice. However being frightened or scared of the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of.

You may have had a bad experience in the past, or may be apprehensive because you haven’t been for a while, and know that you need some work doing. Or you may want a smile makeover, and want to make your time in the chair as relaxed as possible.

Here at the Village Dental Centre, No Pain Nigel & No Pain Shane offer specialised sedation clinics, which will help you overcome your fears and anxieties.

No Pain Shane' says Patient Diane Munro

If so give us a call. We are happy to set aside some time for you to chat about your concerns, we’re also happy to meet up in a local coffee shop if that would make you feel more comfortable.


Sedation Dentistry at Village Dental Centre

For our sedation clinics we have Dr. Rex Yetton GMC Reference number – 1630567

Sedation is a form of anxiety control to make treatment more pleasant for you.

It offers a modern alternative to general anaesthesia for dental procedures. Intravenous sedation is given by injection either in the back of the hand or your arm.

The dose that is given will depend on the treatment that you need and the time it takes to complete.

You will be able to cooperate with us always, as well as maintaining your own protective reflexes, like coughing or moving if you are in an uncomfortable position

Our professional sedation team will put you at ease explaining the process to you in full.

After the treatment it is essential that you have a responsible adult collect you by car or taxi and accompany you home to look after you for the rest of the day.

You will not be able to drive for 24 hours following the procedure.

Call us today to find out more about sedation dentistry and how it could help you to improve your smile or end your dental pain and discomfort.

“I Really Didn’t Think That Sedation Dentistry Would Be As Effective As It Was”

If you would like to discover more about our sedation dentistry and how we can help to make your trip to the dentist stress free, just give us a call or complete the form below for a free consultation.

FREE Smile Analysis

Request Your Free
“Am I Suitable For A Smile Analysis”

Total cost £97.00 but now FREE

Village Dental Centre in Brighton are offering you the chance to come meet a member of our pain free dental team to discuss the challenges you have with your smile and to see if you are suitable for the cosmetic dental treatments that we offer such as invisible braces for straight teeth, dental implants, sedation and sleep dentistry plus much more…

“Am I Suitable For A New Smile Analysis” which includes:

  • A chat at our premises or at a coffee shop near to where you live to determine your needs
  • Discussion around your existing challenges for your smile
  • A quick medical MOT by looking in your mouth to see if you are suitable
  • A brief chat around how and in what ways we can help to change your smile

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