Village Dental Centre Brighton – The Home of *Pain Free Dentistry
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Village Dental Centre Brighton – The Home of *Pain Free Dentistry
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Disclaimer: Results may be different for different people

Dental Implants Brighton

Missing, Broken, Unpleasant Teeth? Gaps Stopping You From Smiling? Corrupting Your Life?


*Not suitable for everyone, which is why we offer a free consultation to assess your needs

Want To Know More?

“No Pain Nigel Talks About Revolutionary Dental Implants In Brighton”

9 Big Breakthrough Dental Implant Benefits For You…

  1. NO More Painful Gum Surgery

  2. No More Stitches

  3. No More After Pain

  4. No More Open Wound

  5. Just 2 Visits Instead of 5

  6. Heal Quicker

  7. More Affordable

  8. Chew Steak Sooner

  9. And Now Live Your Life The Way You Chose

Free Guide To Dental Implants In Brighton. 

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Hello Go Getter,

Are you embarrassed by your teeth? Haven’t  been to a Dentist  for  years? Or terrified about the whole idea of getting your mouth in good shape? If YES…

*The Village Dental Care Centre – the home of “pain free dental implants” can help you get your life back together.

You see, when teeth are extracted… you may feel a sense of loss and ageing. And this is not a good place to be. There are 4 options available to you right now to replace missing teeth. Do you know what they are? Well, let me tell you…

  1. Do nothing, leave a space and grieve your loss
  2. Bridge the unsightly gap by using teeth on either side for support
  3. Make a removable plastic or metal denture
  4. Or place a dental implant

Disclaimer: results may be different for different people

“No Swelling, No Pain, No Stitches & Back At Work The Next Day!”

“They all laughed when I said I would be in the next day after a dental implant.  No you will be in pain , fat face , bruised and beaten up , stitches etc… they said. BUT, no swelling, no pain, no stitches and back at work the next day! They didn’t even believe I’d had an implant.” Says Bupa Nurse Carol Smith

Dental implants don’t have to be painful and take months to complete …

Let me quickly discuss each of the above 4 options…

  1. Do nothing, leave a space and grieve your loss. There are two main issues to be concerned about…

ISSUE 1. How will you feel when out socially or at work with a missing tooth? Will you cover your mouth every time someone takes a photo? But more importantly, do you also know that if you do not smile for fear of showing that gap, then you are not allowing the HAPPY brain chemical Serotonin to flow into your body. Serotonin makes you feel happy. J And is often prescribed to depressed people.

ISSUE 2. If you cannot bite and chew food properly, then your health is at risk from lack of protein, good fats, and carbohydrates. These three food sources give us energy. So for example, people who wear dentures are often tired because they cannot get enough energy from food unless they eat a liquid substitute. So doing nothing may stop you from feeling good around others and could be bad for your energy levels too.

  1. Bridge the unsightly gap using teeth on either side as support. Now, leaving a gap is not ideal as teeth tilt or lean into the newly space created which results in awkward areas to clean. This also creates a poorer bite and can lead to further tooth loss in the future.But also, Bridging, means effectively ‘roping together’ adjacent teeth to the space, and thereby damaging or compromising otherwise healthy teeth.
  2. Make a removable plastic or metal denture. Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth. As a result Dentures can feel strange because taste buds can be covered by the palate and food can get under the device. So not good eh? Finally, patients also complain of an ageing feeling when fitted with dentures!
  3. Place a dental implant. Better yet, implants are a neat stand alone option to the previous 3 options. Did you know implants are as strong if not stronger than your natural teeth? They feel as close to natural teeth as possible. And not only that implants can last the rest of your life. But there’s one more thing.  Implants have a very high success rate at over 95%.

Did you know traditional implants can cause you painful surgery, stitches, slower healing, and more visits than necessary? Here’s why…

First, a painful cut is made in your gum and this is called a flap. It’s an open wound to expose the underlying bone. This procedure is often done twice. Once, when your implant is placed and then again 3 months later to find the implant. Painful right?

Now the surgeon waits or returns you to your own Dentist for the next stage. And is taking an impression for the crown and abutment (the post that projects up out of the implant.)  So you have multiple and potentially painful visits. And then two lots of surgery …painful surgery!

**So what is the new, pain free, faster healing, less visit dental implant technique, now available to me?

Let me tell you…

‘No Pain Nigel’ and ‘No Pain Shane’ recently flew to America to learn a new revolutionary pain free dental implant technique. Nigel and Shane discovered a high speed-pain free keyhole implant technique, which is, by the way, just like fixing your knee through a tiny hole. Whereas in the past the whole knee had to be cut open. Things have gotten better don’t you think?

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Here’s What Happens When You Visit Village Dental…

Day 1: A visit to Nigel or Shane to see if you are suitable for their new dental implant breakthrough. Complimentary. Usually £97. But free to you.

Then if you are suitable, a hole the size of a matchstick head is made in your gum and the implant and post is fitted painlessly. Easy!

Week 6: Your new tooth fitted (in as little as 10 minutes) on top of the implant. No injections!


Want To Get Going? Don’t Take Our Word For It…

“No Pain At All and I’m A Bit of a Phobic About the Dentist.”
Says teacher Jo Schindler

 “I would not have liked the lengthy 2 surgery procedure. I would definitely recommend Village Dental to anyone thinking about breakthrough dental implants.”

Our 4 Promises To You…

  1. You will be listened to
  2. You will not be made to feel like a leper
  3. You will be offered an (affordable way)
  4. Your treatment will be PAIN FREE or your money back guarantee

“a lifetime investment for peace of mind”
Says Mrs Hall


  • LUXURY BREAKTHROUGH DENTAL IMPLANTS PACKAGE. 3 or more breakthrough dental implants and we pay your petrol or train fare and put you up at Brighton’s exclusive Hotel Du Vin. On us.
  • STAY AT THE FAMOUS HOTEL DU VIN. (2 breakthrough dental implants)
  • HASSLE FREE PICK UP & DROP OFF. Why not travel to and from your revolutionary dental implant experience in Village Dental’s famous Limousine.  Picked up at Brighton Train Station and returned to station after treatment. (1 breakthrough dental implant.)

Am I Suitable for Breakthrough Dental Implants?

You can discover if you are suitable for this new revolutionary dental implant technique by booking your Complimentary “Am I Suitable for Pain Free Dental Implant Breakthrough” Audit. Usually £97.

ALL YOUR TREATMENT DONE IN 1 DAY!  If you wish you can have “sleep dentistry”. Simply relax and we take care of it all.

Finally, just imagine all those years of neglect, worry, anxiety and shame now evaporate out of your mind and body-overnight. How will you feel? What impact will this NEW YOU have on your relationships at home, work, or out socially?

Call us NOW for your Complimentary “Am I Suitable For Pain Free Dental Implant Breakthrough” Audit. Usually £97. Simply Call 01273 885522. You may call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Sundays.

Here’s to living the life you deserve


No Pain Nigel & No Pain Shane


“I Am Now Confident About Speaking, Eating and Being With People.”

Just One Of the Many Reasons Why Janet Chose Implants Instead of “Depressing Dentures.” 

Want More Reasons?

“When Nigel first suggested the denture, I was really upset. And quite depressed because I thought it a very invasive thing in my mouth and actually the reality of it, it was alright but it was just cumbersome. And awkward. I was conscious of it while speaking and eating and I just hated the whole thing of having to take this thing out at night. In reality it was not a pleasant experience at all. But Nigel was very supportive about the whole thing about my decision to get rid of it. I really didn’t like it.

If I had to wear something like that from now on… I wouldn’t have liked it because it was quite a big denture. In fact it was 4 teeth on the upper pallet. So it’s cumbersome and food gets stuck in it. And on top of that I was very aware that my speech wasn’t as clear as it might have been. Plus smiling was an issue as well.


—and the depressing part was, I can remember coming out and going home and saying (I just feel so old that I’m going to have to have that kind of procedure and I was hoping that, well Nigel had suggested implants) and I thought I would have to go down that road eventually. But we had to do the dentures to start with but it made me realise that I didn’t want that. I really didn’t want that.

The procedure was very quick. Once we decided that this was the better option Nigel had to do some proprietary work and then let the gums settle. I had these implants put in and then they had tops put on them… then my denture went back over the top. To be honest that was a little bit tricky but I got used to it, and I knew the end was in sight! Here’s what happened next…


I think my implants were in for about 10 to 12 weeks… so when I came back in January and Nigel fitted the finished product- I was just delighted. It just felt so different. It took a bit of adjusting but I got used to it. And that’s just the beginning. It looked so different and my mouth felt different and I felt more confident about eating and smiling and all that kind of thing. Nigel made some adjustments and I’m really happy about it. I can eat things like normal. I’ve got no issues and socially I feel a lot more confident. I’ve got my confidence back again.

Because a denture is not fixed, you’re always cautious that it might be moving about. And the longer I wore the denture— the looser it became. That became more of an issue but now I don’t think about it. I’m looking after the implants and it’s just made such a difference to me, I don’t regret it at all and if you’re in that position, I would say go for it, because it wasn’t painful. It wasn’t invasive after the initial procedure and there was obviously a little discomfort but only anything you would expect, no swelling of my face, it wasn’t painful.

And as the final implants were put in it was just fantastic. I would recommend this treatment because for me I was just very depressed and fed up about this whole denture thing. But now I feel much happier about the way that I am and I can just be confident about speaking, eating and just being with people really. I was very conscious of the denture.

Finally, I’m back on top form again and I’m very pleased that Nigel recommended implants, he talked me through it so I knew exactly what was happening at each stage and that’s really helpful too.”

Retired Teacher Janet from Preston Park, Brighton.

pain free-dental implants

** Some patients may not be suitable for this technique. Hence the following…

Call us NOW for your Complimentary “Am I Suitable For Pain Free Dental Implant Breakthrough” Audit. Usually £97. Simply Call 01273885522. You may call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Sundays.

FREE Smile Analysis

Request Your Free
“Am I Suitable For A Smile Analysis”

Total cost £97.00 but now FREE

Village Dental Centre in Brighton are offering you the chance to come meet a member of our pain free dental team to discuss the challenges you have with your smile and to see if you are suitable for the cosmetic dental treatments that we offer such as invisible braces for straight teeth, dental implants, sedation and sleep dentistry plus much more…

“Am I Suitable For A New Smile Analysis” which includes:

  • A chat at our premises or at a coffee shop near to where you live to determine your needs
  • Discussion around your existing challenges for your smile
  • A quick medical MOT by looking in your mouth to see if you are suitable
  • A brief chat around how and in what ways we can help to change your smile

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