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Village Dental Centre Brighton – The Home of *Pain Free Dentistry
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Hygiene Therapy

Worried about Bad Breath?

Bleeding or Receding Gums?

Hygiene Therapy at Brighton DentistThe solution to this problem is to visit one of our dental hygienists.

We have Helen Grimley working at the Village Dental Centre, and we place a high importance in the maintenance of your oral health.

Dental hygiene treatment is one of the most important aspects of dentistry.

The hygienist isn’t just cleaning your teeth to make them look nice, they are also removing the tartar / calculus that forms on everyone’s teeth.

A dental hygienist has trained for 2 years specifically in the removal of these calcified deposits, and will also teach you the best ways to prevent it from forming in the future.

Calculus is formed from Plaque (a soft sticky substance that accumulates on teeth; composed largely of bacteria and food substances suspended in saliva) which can build up and become hard. This hard plaque is known as tartar or calculus.

Brushing And Flossing Alone Cannot Remove Calculus 

Tartar forms not only above the gum, but also between teeth and below the gum line. Causing bleeding, receding, inflamed gums, and bad breath.

If tartar is not removed it will lead to a condition called periodontitis, this condition causes the connective tissue attaching the teeth to the gums, and the surrounding bone to be lost, and over time teeth will become very loose and unfunctional.

The foundation of your teeth is extremely important, as long as this is sound, we can usually restore the teeth.

hygienist at brighton dentist

There has also been a recent American Scientific Study, showing a link between gum disease and an increased risk of heart disease!

All these germs around your gums make their way back into your bloodstream, and some may settle on your heart valves causing disease.

The most important part of all dentistry is your visit to the hygienist. The Hygienist ensures the foundation (gums, bone surrounding gums, and associated structures) remain strong and healthy.

Without a good foundation, the work of the dentist will not last. It’s a bit like building a house on poor land – a fabulous looking house in a swamp will not last.

Please Do Not Underestimate The Importance Of The Hygienist’s Role

They are not ‘just polishing your teeth to make them look better!’

The hygienists remove the soft and hard deposits that build up, both above and below your gums. If this material is left there, slowly, but surely the support for your teeth will be eroded away. The germs around your teeth are tenacious, and will stay until a dentist / hygienist removes them.

Because there germs cause no pain, initially patients are ‘lulled’ into a false sense of security…

‘I’m not getting any pain. Why should I visit the dentist?’ How many times have we all heard people say that?

The disease process will continue, and once the tooth’s support mechanism is lost, it cannot be replaced. It has gone too far to be reversible at this point, it can only be halted from progressing any further.

Regular preventive care is the answer to maintain healthy gums and long lasting teeth.

The hygienists can also advise you on which dental product to use, things such as electric toothbrushes, manual tooth brushes, floss, mouthwash and other cleaning aids.

Everyone suffers from bad breath sometimes, but REMEMBER most bad breath is of dental origin, not stomach!

All patients should use a tongue scraper regularly to remove all the dead germs on the back of the tongue.

We can easily and confidentially assess your breath with a HALIMETER. It’s like a tiny breathalyser test, but if you fail you can be reassured you will get no points!

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